5 Easy ways to Set Goals and Learn English Quickly

In this lesson, I'm going to teach you  5 easy ways to set goals and learn English quickly. Goals are fundamental for you to learn English and achieve your dreams. All you need to do is set a long-term goal first then break down your goals to make them easier to achieve. 

Why are goals so important? 
- Goals Give You Focus
By focusing on a specific target, you’re allowing your mind to understand what the most important thing to learn. This enables more learning to happen. 

- Goals Allow You To Measure Progress
How do you know how much you’ve learned or accomplished? Goals will allow you to measure your success.

- Goals Keep You Locked In And Undistracted
Have you sat down trying to decide what to study and you study 15 different things? This is unproductive. It hinders your progress, and this is why you need to know what goals to achieve. 

- Goals Give You Motivation
 It’s easy to give up without goals. Goals will give you the inspiration and excitement to keep going.

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English American Accent - PITTSBURGHESE


In this lesson, I teach you the words I learnt in Pittsburgh. It was difficult understanding some of the words unique to Pittsburgh. I wrote them down and decided I would create this lesson for you. I enjoyed learning the lesson, and I hope you do too. This video includes Pittsburgh dad, a funny comedian from Pittsburgh. You can hear him use this dialect and see how much you understand. :)

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Preposition of Place | inside | in |between | on | next to | near

This English lesson is about preposition of place. It includes in, on, next to, near, between. This lesson will help you practice preposition of place using speaking and writing skills. Practice the preposition by doing all the steps. I hope you enjoy the lesson. Practice your preposition.