English American Accent - PITTSBURGHESE


In this lesson, I teach you the words I learnt in Pittsburgh. It was difficult understanding some of the words unique to Pittsburgh. I wrote them down and decided I would create this lesson for you. I enjoyed learning the lesson, and I hope you do too. This video includes Pittsburgh dad, a funny comedian from Pittsburgh. You can hear him use this dialect and see how much you understand. :)

Top 5 Horror Books for ESL students (Halloween Special)

Boo! Did I scare you? Well, these short horror stories are the best for scaring the socks off you. In today's English lesson I give you my top 5 horror books you can read. These books are short and easy to understand. The stories are also free for you to download.

Preposition of Place | inside | in |between | on | next to | near

This English lesson is about preposition of place. It includes in, on, next to, near, between. This lesson will help you practice preposition of place using speaking and writing skills. Practice the preposition by doing all the steps. I hope you enjoy the lesson. Practice your preposition.

How to Create a Successful English speaking group

How to create a successful speaking group. This lesson includes tips on starting a speaking group. Many of you want to practice speaking, but you don't know how to start. This video shows you how to get enough speaking practice with a group. Watch the video and let me know if you have more English speaking tips.